Archaeology In The Eastern US

Outline Of Prehistory And History In The Southeastern U.S. And Caribbean Culture Area
National Park Service, a pretty high level and complete treatment, Paleo-Indian through Civil War

Friends Of The Hunley
Confederate submarine raised off Charleston, SC, in 2001. Large, very well done site

Poverty Point State Historic Site
Poverty Point flourished from 1700 to perhaps 700 BC, and contains a geometric earthwork complex of six raised terraces arranged in concentric octagons (over 11 miles in total length), and an enormous bird-shaped ceremonial mound. The site is a National Historic Landmark and has been nominated as a World Heritage Archaeological Site. There is a link to the Louisiana Division of Archaeology series of virtual books, with Poverty Point among the topics, and teachers' resources.

Marksville State Historic Site
A National Historic Landmark in Louisiana, the Marksville culture was a southeastern variant of the Hopewell culture. Here is a second link to a discussion on Marksville and the cultures that followed it.

Moundville Archaeological Park
"Eight hundred years ago, Moundville was the largest city in North America."
University Of Alabama Museums, nominated as a World Heritage Archaeological Site. Probably the site described by De Soto in his Mississippian expedition. It demonstrates the Mesoamerican influence on the culture of the Southeast. It is a "ceremonial" site with over twenty extant mounds and burial areas.

Ocmulgee National Monument
Mississippian site nominated as a World Heritage Archaeological Site. The large mounds and surrounding villages at Ocmulgee demonstrates the cultural evolution of the Indian mound-builder civilization in the southern U.S.

Etowah Indian Mounds State Park, Georgia
The site is maintained by a travel group, but it is pretty good - more information than the one by the state parks department. The Georgia Encyclopedia also has an article here.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
A listed World Heritage Archaeological Site. The official web site for Cahokia Mounds. Administered by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Cahokia is a Mississippian site just outside St. Louis.

Ancient Architects Of The Mississippi
National Park Service page on the Mississippian cultures. Excellent history of our nation's "first civilization" (not really a civilization as usually defined)

Angel Mounds - State Historic Site
Mississippian village site in Indiana

Town Creek Indian Mound National Historic Landmark, North Carolina
South Appalachian Mississippian site, c. 1200 AD

The Natchez Indians
Ethnographic information on the Natchez, a Protohistoric chiefdom of the Lower Mississippi Valley. With lesson plan. Mississippi History Now, an online publication of the Mississippi Historical Society. The National Park Service also has a site on the many mounds in Mississippi

Grand Village Of The Natchez Indians, National Historic Landmark
Web page by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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