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Both the Council for West Virginia Archaeology (CWVA) and the West Virginia Archeology Society (WVAS) work to promote understanding our prehistoric heritage. Since ours is only part of a larger regional picture, we selected Internet resources on West Virginia prehistory and some of the better sites from the region. We also linked to sites on ethnology (lifeways) and fossil hominids.

The web is a wonderful tool, but it is so easy to publish a page that any loon or fringe group can produce an attractive and seemingly credible web site. We cannot vouch for the absolute accuracy of all of these links, but we did not just assemble a collection. Each was inspected to some degree of depth, and they appear to be fairly reliable. We noted caveats where we thought they were needed.

Suitability for children is another issue. Assembling these was time consuming, and testing each one thoroughly was out of the question. However, we do not think these links will pose a problem.

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West Virginia Archaeology
Several web pages on state archaeology, plus a prehistory of the Kanawha Valley.
Archaeology in the
Eastern US

Many of the sites covered on the web are Mississippian period sites with mounds (late prehistoric to protohistoric). Some of these have reconstructions of villages, houses, etc.
Archaeology of
National Interest

We made an effort here to include at least all US sites on the United Nations list of World Heritage Archaeological sites.
Regional Archaeology
Links to sites in the contiguous states.
Surprisingly slim pickings here, perhaps we need to try harder. The Kentucky sites are worthwhile.
Lesson Plans and Resources
The value of much of this category is uncertain
Hominid Evolution
New fossils are turning up so rapidly that it will be very hard to keep this section current. However, the broad outlines should be valid for a while. Be sure to read the warning label at the top of the page.
American Indian Ethnology
(Lifeways) And History

Some nice sites featuring
• Iroquois, Hopi, Tlingit, and Lakota (Carnegie Museum)
• Five "culture areas" (the Northwest, Southwest, California and the upper West, the Plains, and the Eastern Woodlands)
• Links to a large number of tribal histories
• Articles on ecological awareness and horticultural or hunter-gatherer societies
• Chief Seattle, his purported speech, and the book based on it, Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Miscellaneous Topics
We put sites on this page that do not exactly fit under the other categories. This may be because a page cuts across categories (eMuseum of Minnesota, National Geographic, National Humanities Center), or does not fit any of the others (linguistics, ancient history). Actually, some very interesting sites are linked here.

Background image: Partridge from the Salt Rock Petroglyphs, Wayne County, WV

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