American Indian Ethnology (Lifeways) And History
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Carnegie Museum Of Natural History (Pittsburgh)
Has an outstanding set of pages describing aspects of the Iroquois, Hopi, Tlingit, and Lakota culture

Compact History Geographic Overview
By Lee Sultzman - "When complete these histories will encompass approximately 240 tribal histories (contact to 1900)." Reliability seems pretty good, but not unimpeachable. Upper level site

History Of The Cherokee, By Ken Martin
Large site with links. Reliability uncertain

'Eco-noble savages' who never were
Article from British Archaeology (about half-way down the page):
"One of the pervasive myths of our environmentally-conscious age is that traditional peoples, uncorrupted by modern civilization, live in perfect harmony with the `balance of nature'. But how well does the evidence stack up?" The answer is: not well.

Recent Historical Studies of the Ecological Indian
"Recent historical studies suggest that some of the key contemporary ideas related to the ecological Indian are European American constructs."

Chief Seattle (Sealth) and the Book Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle
The book Brother Eagle, Sister Sky was based on a speech written by a screenwriter in 1972. This section contains accounts of the origin of the speech and its variants.

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