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The Archaeology Channel
Explore the human cultural heritage through streaming media. Rapidly growing collection of short videos aimed at school children. Look for the 10-minute streaming video That Red Salt from Kanawha, about the salt industry in the Kanawha Valley.

Emuseum, By The Minnesota State University, Mankato
After a brief look at the site, this seems to be what the Web should be. Large site covering many topics - specific culture areas, technology, etc.

Teacher Serve From The National Humanities Center: An Interactive Curriculum Enrichment Service For Teachers
A growing series of good essays on such subjects as American Indian religion, ecology, the "Columbian Exchange," of foods and diseases. relationship to the land. Each topic comes with a hefty list of links. This, too is what the web is supposed to be.

The Sunwheel at the University of Massachusetts
A "henge" reconstruction -- concretely illustrates the variations in the Sun's position on the horizon throughout the year. Text, photos, diagram, and photos of Stonehenge and Callanish, Scotland.

Radiocarbon Web-Info
Radiocarbon dating is the technique upon which chronologies of the last 30,000 years have been built. This excellent site provides information concerning the radiocarbon dating method. The level of writing runs from a page for public school students to a quite intense test of your understanding of physics. From the Radiocarbon Laboratory, University of Waikato, New Zealand, look for the "Radiocarbon Web-Info" entry on its menu frame.

Essay On The Major And Minor Language Families
Good links on languages and development of written language. Particularly dear to the Webmaster's heart because the site includes an extensive treatment of Dr. Who.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World
Catalogue of more than 6,800 languages spoken in 231 countries. The catalogue is complete, but the entries are short.

National Geographic's History and Ancient Societies Page
Not a lot of archaeological material there, but they may add to it later. The Features page has many of their past articles - Maya, Inca, the Black Sea Flood, vanishing cultures, etc.

Mr. Donn's Ancient History
Very full site, lots of links to lots of aspects of archaeology - lesson plans, activities, "Daily life in xxx", etc.

Dig Magazine
Archaeology magazine's kids publication. "Fantastic Factoids" and the Glossary might be the most useful parts of the site.

The Native Peoples of North America: History and Culture
"This Web Site is designed to accompany courses I teach .... The lectures explore the history of the native peoples, beginning with their first appearance and continuing chronologically to the present. Interwoven with this historical account are ethnographic descriptions of selected First American societies (both past and present)." -- by Chuck Smith, Instructor, Anthropology Department, Cabrillo College.

Yahoo's listings
Yahoo's list of archaeological and related sites

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