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FORMAT for material submitted for the Recent Research section

The first column needs all of the following, which enables users to search the project listing page for key words such as “Monongalia” or “South Branch”. The second column would be a brief abstract. I can format these easily, you can just submit the text.

Title or Project Name
PI: Name and affiliation
For: Sponsoring agency or organization
County, District:
Watershed: Taken from a standardized list
Type of work: (e.g., site identification study, significance evaluation, data recovery, research paper)
Date of work:

Report 14C dates using the SAA standard format as uncalibrated radiocarbon ages:
(1) based on the 5,568-year 14C ("Libby") half-life (divide radiocarbon ages based on the 5,730-year half-life by 1.03);
(2) expressed as radiocarbon years (RCY), do not convert to radiocarbon or calibrated years A.D./B.C.;
(3) with the 1-sigma standard error;
(4) with the sample identification number given by the laboratory;
(5) stating what material was dated; and
(6) whether corrected for isotopic fractionation. If a 13C value was given by the laboratory, then this correction has been made, so provide the 13C value.
Example: 3680 ± 60 (Pts-3964; wood charcoal; 13C = -23.8 [or, uncorrected].

If you want to link to a longer piece, the webmaster will help create a simple text page. If you want to include graphics, you will have to provide the finished work.

The Council will claim copyright to all material.

Building your web page: use the following html code for the heading:

<title>TITLE OF YOUR PAGE</title>
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Use the following code at the end of the document:

<hr 70%>
<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5">
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<td >&nbsp; </td>
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<td> <a href="../research_reports.htm" target=_parent class="INTROLINKS"><font size="-1">
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