Recent Vandalism at Salt Rock Petroglyph and the "Prom Queen" Petroglyph

There are probably few more significant petroglyphs in the East than Salt Rock, with it's Anthropomorph bearing the weeping eye motif on its face, and the horned rattlesnake on the second boulder. Vandalism was minimal to non-existant over the last 600 to 800 years, but someone finally got to it.

The "Prom Queen" or "Water Monster's Daughter" petroglyph is a notorious mix of authentic and fake prehistoric rock art. The recent vandalism seems confined to small dings on the fake parts, and some carved initials.

The uppermost boulder with the petroglyphs.

The vandalism found in April 2005 is the human stick figure in the upper right .

A closer view
The moss continues to be a problem -- well-meaning people seem to be cleaning it off, which removes some of the surface every time.
The Anthropomorph seems to be doing well, although the moss is active here too.
Apparently the alteration to the "Prom Queen" petroglyph is not too severe. The largest disfigurement is to some initials near one corner. You can probably see a couple of other small (penny-sized) dings in this photo. There are others on the stone.
For perspective, this is the upper part of the stone slab at Hurricane Heritage Park.
Lichens have not taken over the Prom Queen. There are a few dings on the lower border of the stone slab.



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