Executive Board

see Olivia's CWVA homepage

President: Olivia A.Jones
Ph. D., University of Groningen
Adjunct Lecturer
West Virginia University

see Charity's CWVA homepage

Vice President: Charity Moore Norton
M.A., University of Sheffield
Principal Investigator
AllStar Ecology, LLC
Social Media Manager, CWVA

see Matt's CWVA homepage

Secretary-Treasurer: Matthew A. O'Brien
M.A., University of South Florida
Independent Researcher
Website Administrator, https://cwva.org

see Megan's CWVA homepage

Director: Megan E. Leight
Ph.D., City University of New York (CUNY)
 Graduate Center (current)
Teaching Assistant Professor
West Virginia University

Director: Emma Durham
Ph.D., Reading University
Technical Editor
Richard Grubb & Assoc.

Director: Richard Farley
M.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
AllStar Ecology


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